Curriculum Inglese


of Salvino Leone

born in Spadafora (ME)  3rd  October  1954;

home address: via D'Annunzio 9, 90144 Palermo (Italy)

Ph. 091-6259680  (Home) Cell. 335-406363 -



           1) Education

1978                  Degree in Medicine and Surgery  summa cum laude.

1983                  Specialization in Obstetrics and Gynaecology summa cum laude and winner of  Prize ”L. Candela".

1987                  Pass certificate in Pathology  with final mark of optimum.

2001                  Doctorate in Theology summa cum laude at the Sicilian Faculty of Theology.


           2)  Work

               1979- 1988        In charge of "Emergency Medical Ward"  at USL 61 of Palerm

1988 – 1992      Assistant at Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of “Buccheri La Ferla – Fatebenefratelli” Hospital of Palermo.

1992 -2008        Chief of Medical Humanities Department of Roman Province of Hospitaller Order of St. John of God.              

 2008-2012        Doctor at outpatient surgery of  Hospitaller Order Hospital in Palermo                                    

1987 - 1994       Professor of Nursing Ethics at the Nursing School of Civic Hospital of Palermo.

                1987 - 2002       Professor of Social Medicine at the LUMSA University of Rome-Palermo

1996                   Professor of Bioethics at the Faculty of Medicine of  Palermo

1998 - 2002       Professor of Bioethics at the specialization School of Neurology (University of Palermo).

2000 - 2011       Director of the Master in Bioethics of Sicilian Institute of Bioethics.

2000        2000 up today    Professor of  Moral Theology at the Sicilian Faculty of  Theology .


                3) Bioethical Tas

He has been:

President of  Bioethics Committee of Sicily .

                President of Bioethics Committee of ISMETT (Mediterranean Institute for human transplantations)

                President of Bioethics Committee of  "Oasi Maria SS." Onlus of Troina

                Vice-president of Bioethics Committee of Hospitals of St. John of God’s Brothers


He is actually:

President of Bioethical Studies Institute “S. Privitera”, Palermo.

President og Bioethical Commitee “Palermo 1”

Member of Bioethical Commitee of Sicily

Member of International Bioethical Commitee of Hospitaller Order of St. John f God


4)  Other Qualifications

1992                  Co-founder and Co-director of Sicilian Institute of Bioethics and of its journal “Bioetica e cultura”.

1994                  Participation to the writing up of the Charter of Health Care Workers edited by the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care.

1995-1996        Participation to the Task Force of Pontifical Academy for Life to the writing up of the book Identity and Statute of human embryo.

1997-2000         Direction of the International Committee in the writing up of the Identity Charter  of  Hospitaller Order of St John of God.

2001-2011         Appointment, by the Pope John Paul II, as Counsellor of Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care.

2002                  Winner of International Prize "John XXI" (premiation in Korea) for deontoloy and medical ethics


            7) Foreign Languages

English and French:                written and spoken fluently

Spanish  and Portuguese:       written understanding

German and Hebrew:              notions

Latin and classic Greek:          written understanding


            6)  Lectures  in Congress

                 From 1979 up he hold more than 300 lectures at different Congress on Bioethics, medical humanities and pastoral health care, some of them         abroad:

  • Euthanasia: ethical and moral dilemma, Philipins Hearth Center (Manila, 2 December 1993).
  • Bible, Ethics and mothers in distress, Convegno FEAMC  (Praga 8 June 1996).
  • Medicina e cultura frente a reprodução assistida, Etica da vida, vidalidade da etica (Porto, 5 February 1997).
  • A dõenca terminal como problema bioetico, Etica da vida, vidalidade da etica (Porto, 7 February 1997).
  • Bioética y ospidalidad para el terzero millennio, General Charter of Hospitaller Order (Granada, 9 November 2000).
  • Bioethics and health care humanization  (Beijng Children Hospital (12 Novembrer Bejing 2001).
  • Dialogue between secular and Christian Ethics (Seoul, 6 September 2002).
  • Etica e hospidalidade em Psiquiatria (Lisbona, 23 February 2003).
  • Ethics and spirituality in drug abuse  prevention (Strasburgo, 29 August 2005)
  • New issues in Bioethics (Warsaw, 12 October 2005).
  • Ethic of life in Occidental Countries (Teheran, 29 December 2006).
  • Bioethishe Thanatologie (Tubinga, 19-23 November 2007).
  • La familia del infermo como problem moral (Caracas, 19 June 2009).
  • ¿Derecho a la muerte o derecho a la dignidad de la muerte? (Salamanca 9 October 2009)
  • Issues on sexual transmiutted diseases (Vijawada, 15 January 2010 and 18 January 2011


7) Publications

  • He wrote  more than 400 papers on the above themes.
  • He shared 12 collective works.  
  • He edited 6 collective works.
  • He directed (with S. Privitera) the Dictionary of Bioethics,(150 authors, 350 entries) yet translated in Portuguese an in press the second Italian edition. For it he wrote also 24 entries.
  • He wrote the following  monographies (titles are here translated in English)
  1. The doctor and the couple (La Casa, Palermo 19924)
  2. The prevention of voluntary abortion (CAV, Palermo 1984)
  3. Fundamentals of geneticc, obstetrics and gynaecology (Flaccovio, Palermo 1995)
  4. Shape of Bioethics (Medical Books, Palermo 19872)
  5. Facing the life  (CAV, Palermo 1990)
  6. “Li Bonfratelli” (FBF, Palermo 1990)
  7. Healing miracles in Gospel (Orizzonte Medico, Roma 1991)
  8. Over the pain (EdiOFTES, Palermo 1992)
  9. Facing the sick (Unitalsi, Palermo 1992)
  10. Ethics (McGraw-Hill, Milano 1993)
  11. Health care pastoral in Roman Catholic Magisterium (BIOS, Roma 1994)
  12. Spirituality and lay involvment in the Hospitaller Order   (BIOS, Roma 1995)
  13. Eros and love (Bonomi, Milano 1996)
  14. Bioethics, faith and culture (Armando, Roma 1996)
  15. S. John the Great: genius and sanctity of an hospitaller reformer (Bi.Os., Roma 1996)
  16. The near-to-death sick (ed. San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo 1996) translated in polish
  17. Medicine in front of miracle (Ed. Dehoniane, 1997)
  18. Ethics for health care facilities (Armando, Roma 1997)
  19. History of the Roman Province of Hospitaller Order, (3 voll., Bi.Os, Roma 1997-2002)
  20. Assisted Reproduction (San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo 1998)
  21. A century of health! (Ajello, Palermo 1998)
  22. The choice of not live (San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo 1999)
  23. The informed consent (Bi.Os, Roma 2000)
  24. Education to sexuality (Dehoniane, Bologna 2000) translating in portuguese
  25. Ministers of life (Ed. Camilliane, Torino 2000)
  26. Jubilate Deo! (Vita Ospedaliera, Roma 2000)
  27. Maxima debetur puero reverentia (ISB, Acireale 2002)
  28. Theological perspective in bioethics (ISB, Acireale 2003)
  29. Manual of bioethics (ISB, Acireale, 2003)
  30. The bravery of joining  (ARIS, Roma 2003)  
  31. Are we born to suffer? (Città Nuova, Roma 2007)
  32. Ethics of affective life (Dehoniane, Roma 2008)
  33. Suor Rosina La Grua (Compostampa, Palermo 2009)
  34. “Therapeutic rage”: care, therapy or just futility? (Cittadella, Assisi 2009)
  35. Stem cells: scientific aspects an ethical involvements (Cittadella, Assisi 2010)
  36. Bioethics in paediatrics (Tecniche Nuove, Roma 2012)
  37. Medical/patient relationship in Gynaecology (CIC, Roma 2015)
  38. The boundary and the horizon: representations of death (EDB, Bologna 2015)
  39. The illnes of the Saints (EDB, Bologna 2015)